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About Backlink Checker

You can do backlink profile analysis through the online backlink checker tool. It tells you about the External backlinks, the quality of other sites which link to you. It also tells you the traffic which comes to your site from other sites. This benefits you to check your website ranking, about the audience that comes to your website. How’s your website running and helps you to increase the standard of your website.

Introduction to Backlink Checker Tool

You search any keyword on Google and then you see a lot of websites there. But your website is not at the top. Other websites related to your keywords are at the top list of Google Search Results you see. Then you wonder why your website is not at the top!

Why is it not ranked or ranked higher? You open your competitor’s websites (the websites which are on the top with the targeted keywords rather than yours) to see what material and content your competitors have which makes them rank higher.

You see that your competitor’s website is designed well, has much good content and also has good overall SEO.

You also make your website with good, attractive, and lengthy content. But still, your website doesn’t rank or rank higher. Do you know why?

The things you see, notice in your competitor's website and try to make your website more unique and advanced, are all related to on-page SEO.

If you want to grow your website and want to gain more traffic and make your website top-ranked then you will have to do 2 things for your website.

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

Let’s come with us. We will tell you and guide you on all tips and things that helped you too to rank your website at the top of Google.

Your competitors also do off-page SEO of their website through which their site ranks on top lists of search engines. Now to check the off-page SEO of your competitor you need a backlink checker.

How to do competitor Backlink Analysis?

Open the backlink monitoring tool, copy the URL of your competitor and then paste the URL in the backlink checker and then check the backlinks domain authority of your competitor.

The backlinks analysis tool shows you the full report of the website like how much domain authority the website has, do-follow backlinks, SEO health, keywords, keywords used in backlinks as anchors and the backlinks of the competitor’s website.

Through all this information you can use it for your own site related to targeting keywords. You can use the backlinks information of your opponent and get the same backlinks for your own page. This will help you to boost your web and then your pages will also start to rank on top lists of search engines.

Backlink checker tool finds bad backlinks and checks backlinks of competitors. The backlink audit tool is very efficient and it is free. It also tells you about the traffic which comes through specific backlinks.

After competitor backlink analysis, you can audit your own site using backlink analysis tool.

Not only can you check your competitor's backlink profile, but you can also analyze your website's SEO health, traffic, backlinks domain authority, do-follow, etc.

How to find Backlinks to my profile?

The easiest way to check a backlinks profile is through the best backlink checker tool. We provide you a free online SEO backlink checker that monitors and shows you the best results that helps you to audit your profile.

You just have to open your competitor's website then copy its URL from the search bar and paste it in Backlink Checker.

And then get backlinks data. It shows you the number of links, domain authority, total backlinks, linking domains, fresh incoming links, quality of links, number of traffic on links, page performance and also the keywords of backlinks.

You can save all this data and then repeat the process for the next competitor and so on without spending any amount.

Why do we check Backlinks of competitors?

Checking and monitoring the backlink profiles of competitors makes you analyze the ranking.

After checking the backlinks of competitors you can find backlinks opportunities for your site. It helps you in how to maintain the SEO health of your website. Competitor’s backlinks info can help you to rank your pages against your competitors. And with more effort, you can beat your competitors in terms of rankings.

You can get useful referring websites for free using this online tool and use them for yours.

Are backlinks important?

Backlinks play a vital role in SEO. It increases your website’s value and overall credibility. When the link of your content is used in another’s website and people click it and move to your page, it builds authority of your page. The google algorithm understands that this link or content is likable, clicked and searched by many people then this content has a worth to rank and ability to come in front of all relevant searches.

So, through backlinks, google also promotes that web page or content of the page through passage indexing. Backlinks help you to increase your website traffic.

If many sites link to the same websites then search engines indicate that content is worth linking and also has worth to come on SERPs which increases the ranking position of that website.

Backlink Checker by Self SEO Tools

Our best backlink checker has all characteristics of backlink tools for SEO. It is a free online tool that everyone can avail themselves of effortlessly. It saves your precious time with smooth running. It helps you identify bad backlinks against a domain or a page.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I find Backlinks to a page for free?

Yes, you can find backlinks to a page for free using this seo backlink checker. All you need to do is to enter the url and this tool will instantly find competitor backlinks for free. This free competitor backlink analysis tool helps you a lot in terms of finding backlink opportunities.

Can I find Backlinks to my website?

Yes, you can find backlinks of your website by using this online tool. If you want to see how much of your backlinks are indexed, just enter your url in the tool and this tool will instantly find website backlinks. You can check competitors backlinks free by using this tool as well.