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About Online Ping Website Tool

If You are the website owner and want to run your website successfully on search engines. So you definitely need to use the free ping website tool to check the availability and connection of your sites on search engines.

For sure, you want your website to always be visible on the internet all the time, so for this, our ping website tool will help you to fulfill your command in bulk. It is very difficult to ping each category link of your website to connect to the internet manually. Also, it is very hard to keep an eye on whether the website is still shown on the internet or not. To complete this process you need our free online ping tool, no need to use a hefty amount because it is a free-of-cost tool.

A free online ping tool will help you to check the hosting of the websites on the different search engines that you are trying to access.

Make your new website most of the time visible on the search engines quickly and easily.

As I've mentioned above no need hefty amount so on the other side also no need to invest more effort this tool is very relaxing to use. Just need to enter your website tool or also enter the URL of your new blog post and enter the blog or website name specifically. Simply press the submits button and after that enjoy the easy processing procedure and result of the free ping tool.

How to Ping a Website in CMD?

Importantly, you need to use the command line to send a ping from your computer to another computer. To follow this process, you have to get the information and idea about the other server, where you want to transfer your ping message. This is gonna be a readable domain name, or an internet IP address. Examples are given: or such as 456.0.0.1.

Only ping the URL is not the right command to fulfill your process. Our tool will help you to show the easy way, no need to put the "HTTP" or other text that comes before the domain name. You just need to type only the domain name or IP address.

1: First of all need to open the command prompt
  • Just need to go to the start menu and click on the search bar, type "cmd" and press the enter button.
  • OR, an alternative method is to hit the window key button with the letter R, as in (window + R). Enter "cmd" and then press OK.

2: After that, type "Ping" in the command prompt window, then input an IP address or a domain name or press the enter button. An example has been given below for a better understanding:

  • e.g. ping
  • OR ping

3: So the command will start processing the ping report results into the Command Window.

Is It Safe to Ping a Website?

Yes, This is safe and the answer is based on many experiences, ping the website on google is quite the best, as it is designed for a faster process. An important note is that, if your ping is too high then the chances will be increased to reject your connection and kick you out of the game.

Ping working like to send an internet control message protocol request (the response will be malicious free) and when the webpage sends the request to register the page (possibly malicious will be supported) of the website. But in this case, you don't need to get worried about it.

Our free online ping website also will help you to provide a simple and secure system to fastly ping your website on many search engines by just following a few steps.

What Happens When You Ping a Website?

Whenever a ping command is executed, a ping signal is delivered to the specific IP.

Basically, ping works in the way to send an ICMO responding request to a specific address on the network and wait for the response from the other side. Whenever a ping command is executed, a ping signal is delivered to the IP specified, A ping transmission has been sent to a certain destination. Afterward, if the target host received the responding/echo messages once, then it will likely send the response reply packet.

The Ping signal has two specific purposes: one is to verify whether the target host is available or not, and the second one is to the determination of the RTT (round trip time) and the slowness. It means how much delay has to face the ping sender and the signal receiver on the specific IP