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About Website Screenshot Generator

A full website screenshot generator is an online screenshot generator tool used to capture the entire webpage simply or easily.

Introduction to Website Screenshot Generator

Every business person needs a website to grow their business in this internet world. Now at this time, almost everyone uses websites to build strong engagement with the audience. Pictures are the visual representation of your words.

Sometimes you don't need any word to describe it. Only one image elaborates the meaning. People understand more accurately and easily through images.

So to take screenshot of entire web page is not simple as you capture the snaps or screenshots from your mobile. Responsive website screenshot generator is free tool to take website snapshots on windows, mac and apple computers.

People don't know how to take web screenshots on different devices. We have cared for you so, we created our online screenshot generator website tool free for this purpose. You can generate responsive website mockup screenshots by using website screenshot mockup generator free online.

Now in capturing the snaps/screenshots, there’s one more important thing, your image's resolution. Our site screenshot generator also solves this problem.

This website screenshot maker offers you different options to take screenshot of entire web page in your own choice of resolution and size.

You can also edit your shot here. You don't need to start any other software to edit the snap. There’s no need for any editing software.

Our free website screenshot generator is an in-the-one-pack online tool to generate website snapshots.

Why are Web Screenshots important?

Nowadays screenshot generators are a more important tool in many cases.

If you have a website or are the owner of your website or have website hosting, you might obtain any complaints from your customer that they are facing any issue with your website. So, how can you overcome your consumer problem and your website issue?

The most efficient and professional way is to ask your complainant to send the full web screenshot of where and what the problem is.

You will find it useful

  1. If you want changes to your website
  2. Want to share the screenshot to see the changes and history
  3. If you want to give any presentation
  4. Want to share your ideas in the form of screenshots on the desk in front of your groups or organizations to explain


  5. If you want to share any information with your friends
  6. Want to capture some information or want to save them

So in all cases, the easiest and most professional way is to take a screenshot of the entire web page.

How to Screenshot Website on Windows?

If you want to take a web snapshot on windows, then.

  1. Confirm which browser you are using and want to take a screenshot. Just click anywhere in the wanted browser.
  2. Then hold on to the Alt + print screen key from your keyboard. You will find it at the right top of the ‘F’ keys. It takes a screenshot of the browser, which will display on your screen and saves it to the clipboard.
  3. Open paint or other editing software to paste the image by pressing Ctrl + V.
  4. Now save your image in your wished format and send it.

This tool makes it easy to take web screenshots with the help of a website responsive screenshot generator.

How to Screenshot Website on Mac?

If you want to take a full web page screenshot, you need to adjust the page's magnification and coloring level. But then you need to confirm that it is still readable even as you try to adjust the browser's magnification level.

Follow the steps to take an entire webpage screenshot on Mac:

  1. Open the web page you want to take the screenshot.
  2. Hold the Cmd and press the (-) key to adjust the page without scrolling.
  3. Now press the Cmd + Shift + 4. When you click the mouse button, the cursor will appear to drag and highlight the web page, then release the mouse button. A screenshot of the highlighted webpage will be taken.

How to take screenshots of the entire web page on mobile?

To take an entire website screenshot, you have to click on the V icon at the top of the screen then you will get many options to choose the capture page.

Then choose whether you want to take a full-page screenshot or capture the screenshot of what you currently see on your screen. After choosing and clicking, your image will be saved on your device. This tool works best for mobile website screenshot generators free online.

How to take a screenshot of entire web page through our free website screenshot generator?

Through our screenshot generator website tool, you can generate screenshot from URLs. As you can see in its interface, there is a search bar. You just have to open the tool then enter the webpage URL. You can also choose the size and display to take screenshots. Then click the submit button. Your website snapshot is done now. You can download it and save it on your computer.

There’s no need for specific ways or steps to take screenshots on different devices.

You don't need any editing software. Our tool also provides you to edit your images too. It saves your time as it is convenient and easy to use.

How to find responsive website screenshot generator?

Finding a responsive website screenshot generator is simple and easy. You need to open SelfSEO tools and look for this screenshot responsive website tool. The tool will make you capture the entire screen instantly.