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About Page Speed Checker

Page speed checker has the specialty with the perspective of the ranking of the websites for many years. With the passage of time, the importance of this factor also increases. We can't neglect this part if we want to get a high position on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

The website page speed checker tool throws the light on how quickly the audience will get interacted with your page and its content. The tool impacts the overall user experience of your website.

In fact, last year Google started to focus on the page experience to enhance its algorithm.

f the site's pages loader faster, you will have the chance to deliver the content quicker, which will surely satisfy the user's needs faster and generate more interest in your brand, business website, blogs, etc.

How to Check the Page Speed in an Effective Manner?

Page speed test is very important on a daily basis to keep an eye on the website's performance, and to resolve any issues that may arise as a result of it. This is beneficial to understand how it is measured.

Our page speed checker tool build-up to help you to inform you about your website performance before any loss. So the process of using this tool is very simple and easy, not requiring a number of steps and time to get the result. It is a free and less time-consuming tool.

To check the page speed of your tool just need to place the landing page URL in the given box and just click on the submit button. This process just takes a few seconds to fulfill your command and after that the result is on your computer screen.

The most important point is how to go through the result report? The result report appears with detailed information. The information contains several important parts that are as follows:

  1. It will show you how many links you are using with their names such as how many CSS links, Script Links, Image Links, and Other Resource Links.
  2. Show separately loading times like how much loading speed the CSS link took.
  3. Show you the number of image links with their loading time.
  4. It tells you the number of script link and their loading time.
  5. It shows you the other resource link table with their loading speed time.

The result report is very beneficial for you to get an understanding of your website in detail. You can easily figure out which page has a low loading speed and a high loading speed. You will get aware of the reason for the low ranking position through this and decrease in the Click Through Rate.

Why Is Page Load Speed Important?

To get a high ranking on the Search engines like Google, Page load speed matters a lot. If you have a low page load speed you will lose your user interest and potential audience. That will directly impact your conversion rate if you have a business website.

We use so many websites on a daily basis such as for online shopping and to get information on whatever topic we have. If the website page took the time a bit second later than our expected timing we will choose the option to quickly move to another website. That’s why the page loading speed time plays a massive role to enhance the business website position.

In simple words, If you want to get more visitors and viewers on your site, the most important part of this is to improve your page loading speed after testing page speed from this tool.

Page Speed vs. Site Speed

The number of people who took both the website speed checker and page speed checker was similar. These are not similar but have a direct impact on each other. The website speed score checker tells you the average loading speed of all pages on the website. On the Other hand, the page speed checker tool will let you know about each page's loading speed. So through each loading page speed, you will easily go through the issue like which site page has a low speed and the reason for the low ranking on the search engine


There are lots of tools available on the internet but you found the right tool for your website or page speed performance. It is an easy-to-use and free-of-cost tool that will help you to solve big issues.