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About Word Counter

Word Counter

A word counter is an online tool that helps in counting the number of words, characters, sentences with or without spaces and also checking the grammar instantly.

Introduction to Word Counter and Grammar check

Our paragraph word counter is designed to help you in counting the density of words and keywords present in your writing. It also tells you the number of paragraphs. If you are a blogger or a writer then you have to maintain the length of your article.

Google likes lengthy articles and blogs but keyword stuffing and grammatical mistakes can make your writing dull and boring. Google or other Search Engines don't support or rank such writings.

Our free word count tool supports you in managing your content and selfseotool’s word counter also has a unique feature that helps you in correcting grammar from your writing.

We know there are Ms Excel, Word press, or google docs for counting your words but they don't have an option for pdf files. They don’t calculate the length, density, or grammar from pdf files. Our grammar check and word count calculator have premium features through which you can upload your files too.

As in assignments, essay writing, thesis you also have to keep the length of your papers. Sometimes you have to check the grammatical mistakes in your papers.

So, all this management of your content whether you write, copy-paste, or upload files, this free word count tool is available online. You can use it anytime, anywhere easily in just a few seconds and you will get your awesome results.

If you are a blogger, writer, researcher, student, teacher, or freelance writer then this free word count tool is for you.

If you are a social media manager then this tool will become your first priority to manual word count and grammar check.

Rapid & Fast functionality

This online free tool doesn't take your time. It gives you results in just a few seconds. It counts words from paragraphs, blogs, essays, sentences, and also checks grammar. It gives you the option to correct your writing on an SEO based content. This all process is done very quickly and fast.

Privacy Safety

There are many people who have doubts about their privacy to upload their data. So, the online word count tool of our Self SEO Tools website assures you that we keep your data safe. We don't upload your data or any other personal information anywhere.

No limitations of Word Counting

There are no restrictions and limitations in using the free online word count and grammar check tool. You can put as many words as you want to get the accurate results. It also doesn’t have any daily limit for using or checking words & grammar.

Importance of Word Counter online free

Writing isn’t that easy. It becomes more difficult when you have to remain within a certain range, such as the maximum and the minimum number of words.

So what you need to do is to stay engaged so that you don't overreach the limit. This happens both online and offline for a variety of people such as students, bloggers, and webmasters. These people come from a variety of disciplines but usually face this problem.

To overcome these problems we have established a word count grammar check tool online free. Everyone can use it anytime or for any project.

You can also get the benefit of online word count if you upload yours or others files too like pdf. An online word count calculator gives you the same features and results.

How does Word Count have different algorithms in different programs?

As all programs are not designed by one company so all companies have their own different algorithms in software. Similarly, the algorithm of word count is different for different programs.

Algorithm of word count in MS Word:

  • Word with no space is considered one word
  • Phrases with the combination of special characters are considered two words
  • URLs in word considered a single word
  • Contractions are also one word such as “doesn't”
  • The sequence of numbers is one word, for example, 12345
  • Email address is counted as one word
  • Words containing symbols are also one word

Algorithm of word count in google docs:

  • Words with symbols but no spaces are supposed two words
  • A combination of special characters are considered several words
  • URL is considered as four words
  • Email address as more than one word
  • Contraction as several words

Equally, writing the right numbers of word count is important for a client and the writer. If you have a paid task on word count then you should use the word count calculator that tells you how exactly words you have written. Also, how much your client will pay per word.


Separated from counting the words and characters, our online word counter can help you to improve your word choice and writing styles. It will help you to detect grammar mistakes. It also has an auto-save feature that makes sure you won’t lose any changes while editing.

Knowing the importance of word count is worth it. If you have to write the minimum or maximum amount of words for articles, essays, stories, books, papers or blogs, sentence Counter will help you to make sure you reach the specific requirement or stay within the limits.

The word counter of SELFSEOTOOLS will not only count words or characters for you but also check grammar and plagiarism which enables you to improve your writing task effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Word and Character Count accurate?

Yes, this blog post word count tool is accurate as it helps in counting words & characters used in sentences or paragraphs. It highlights the spelling and grammatical mistakes within your content. You can maintain keyword density with this or use Keyword Density Checker for more in depth and precise data regarding keywords within content.

Can you do a Word Count in notes

The sticky notes in windows or mac doesn’t provide any feature to do a word count. What you need to do is to copy all the text and paste into our word character count. It will instantly show you the word count in notes along with grammar suggestions.