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About Keyword Density Checker

Our website content gets a high-ranked position on search engines because of the best-using keywords. Our free keyword density checker (KDC) will help you to figure out the density of the keywords of your webpage content.

Enter the landing page URL, and our beneficial free tool will appear with the result of keywords in front of your computer screen. with a count against single keyword combination, two keyword combinations, three keyword combinations, and long-tail keywords and show the density in percentage.

What is Keyword Density?

The keyword density checker will help you to calculate the percentage of the keywords like how many times they appear on the webpage. The density percent of the total is computed by dividing the total word count by the number of times keywords appear on the page. keywords frequency on the web page is a very strong indicator to figure out the main focus keywords on it.

Our tool will help you to provide accurate results, so you can easily understand your content performance like which keywords perform on high, medium, and low positions. That will help to let you know when you need to upgrade your content. Keywords play an impressive role to secure a high position on search engines.

You can't skip this part if you are the owner of the website otherwise, you have to face a poor situation. So our tool will help you to lift up your website on Google.

How do You Check Keyword Density?

Check the keyword density is very simple to understand and for processing. Our Keyword density checker tool makes it easier for you to get a better understanding and the point of view to processing and using.

There is no technical knowledge required to use our online keywords density checker tool. It is just required two clicks and after that, it will show the result on your screen just in a few seconds.

First Step: You only need to copy-paste the URL of the web page where you want to check the keyword density.

Step Two: After pasting the website URL, simply hit the "Submit" button.

After fulfilling those requirements from your side, now it's our tool's turn. it will start processing the given instruction and show the results in the form of a table. The result table consists of three informative columns first one consists of keywords, the second indicated the count of keywords, and the third one shows the density of keywords in percentage.

This Tool is Mostly Used for these Points:

  1. For competitors: this tool very helps full to catch up on the most performing keywords on their website and attract potential customers. With the help of this tool, you will grab the potential audience too. for this, you just need to enter your competitor's website URL.
  2. Our tool will help you to provide a piece of quick information regarding your most used keywords with high density and their performance against specific webpage. so that you can perform in the future by keeping the given stats in your mind.
  3. Also, will help you to check the optimization of your webpage from time to time. It may be over-optimized or low, the tool will help to let you know. in simple words, where are you lacking the opportunities, using low search volume keywords, and need to update the low-quality content if your site has. on the other hand, It will also inform you of any over-optimized aspects of your website, such as keyword stuffing and excessively high-quality content.

How to Find Competitor's Keywords?

Finding out the competitor keywords is a very sensitive part for every business site with the strongest impact. The Competitor's keywords will help you to attract a similar audience and also generate impulse buying behavior. We suggest to every website owner to get the familiarity with that. Our tool for sure help you to find out just two clicks away process.

Competitors' keyword analysis is easy peasy from our keyword density calculator. You just simply need to follow the step to go to your competitor's site and copy the specific landing page URL which you want to check and that strongly matches your web services. After that come to our tool and paste the URL in the given space and after that our free tool shows you the top-performing keywords of your competitors. This information has a strong impact on the web content.

If you actively keep an eye on your competitor's keywords then you will survive on the biggest platform like Google. Otherwise, you will lose your position. To save your position on search engines our online keyword density checker will help you without investing the high effort and this is free of cost.

Important Note: Using competitor keywords in your content are not harmful and does not create any violence against policy issue. Freely use those keywords.