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About Keyword Position Checker

The keyword position checker tool is used to check the rank position of your keywords in Google SERP results.

Introduction to Keyword Position Checker by Self SEO Tools

The keyword rank checker tool of SELFSEOTOOLS helps you track the position of keywords of a website against its competitors. It makes it easy for you to understand your current ranking, and you can work more to rank even higher in the SERP results.

Through this tool, you can see how much your keywords are worth according to google because every keyword searched by google has its position.

When you use a keyword on your page, it helps you rank on Google or other search engines.

But how can you check whether the keywords you are using are golden for your website or not?

So, for this purpose, we introduced our keyword position checker tool, which is easy to use. It is a free SERP position checker and analysis tool to check website positions on Google or other Search Engines. It doesn't take your time as many other tools do.

You have to enter your website domain in the search bar and enter the keywords against which you want to check the rankings. This keyword position tool will provide you with a report through which you can analyze your SERP rankings.

What is SERP?

SERPs (search engine result pages), the page comes in front of you after searching any keyword or query on google or other search engines. The SEO industry uses it to tell you where your web page is ranking on search engines against your keywords position.

Our free search engine position checker tool finds and shows you the result of your website ranking on google. There are also more search engines but Google is the most popular.

What is keyword ranking?

Keyword ranking directs to your web page’s position on search engines against a particular keyword or searches on google, yahoo, etc.

If a user searches any query or any particular keyword on the google search bar, then the result websites come on the google page against that keyword. From up to down, you can find the ranking position of that website against that particular searched keyword on the search engine.

Similarly, golden phrases are made from golden SEO-based ranked keywords which rank your website on different search engines.

The keyword position tool is used to check SERP position.

Why use a keyword rank checker?

The search engine keyword position tool catches millions of search results against the domain and specifies the keywords where your website is ranking in contrast to keywords. And then watch over those keywords. If any changes happen in ranking for your keyword, it informs you.

Our keyword position checker tool also gives you strong SEO data about your keywords. It shows,

  1. Search Volume
  2. Search Competition
  3. Variations
  4. Ranking
  5. Position of your keywords.

It also tells you the top-ranked websites.

Website rank tracker helps you to check keywords position. No doubt you can check it by entering your keyword on google and then you can check on the google page where your website relies on that keyword.

But you can't know if there will be any changes in your keyword ranking like first your keyword rank on 21, 20 but if it will go to 9, 7, etc.

The web page position checker by SELF SEO Tools notifies you when any changes happen. It keeps you up to date and informs you of any need to optimize your content.

It also tells you other ranking keywords for your website and the related keywords used in your competitor's website, which can help you rank your website.

In short, we tell you why you should use a keyword position checker!

To know your website’s position in SERP for targeted keywords manually. Because these manual reports will help you like your website’s rank assistant.

How to check my website ranking on search engines for free?

Are you worried about your website ranking? Are you facing hurdles in targeting the SEO-ranked keywords? Don't know how to do a competitor's keyword position analysis?

Don’t worry. Calm, breathe and drink water because you are on the right site now. All your problems are going to clear magically.

We have a website rank tracker tool that allows you to check your website ranking on any search engine for free. Yeah! You read it alright.

You have to do some minor steps that will not take your time. It has a straightforward interface to use.

  1. Go to your browser, enter Keyword Rank Checker.
  2. The interface will come where you have to enter your domain, keywords and then select the search engine where you want to check the position of your keywords or website.
  3. Remember, You can check the position of the keywords up to 50 at one time. But don't worry, you can use it unlimited time in one day; there's no limitation.
  4. Now, how to enter the keywords! You have to put keywords separately. It means one keyword in one line and the other in another line and then so on.


    • Keyword 1
    • Keyword 2
    • Keyword 3

You completed your steps. This automatically online search engine rank checker will perform its duty and give you all your data.

It is more convenient to use and also saves you time. And that saves time you can utilize in upgrading your website by changing keywords and all.

It tells you the exact position where you are in. Don't leak any personal information of yours.

Keyword position checker as a Gift

Whenever you want to check where your web pages or targeted keywords are ranking on Google or any other search engine, you search your selected keyword by typing on the search bar, and then you start to find your website by scrolling.

You spend a lot of time scrolling, but you never find out. Maybe you missed or skipped. So, the easier and the better way to check the website ranking is to give you our free keyword position checker tool online.