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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Page speed matters from every point of view. Such as if you have an online business if you do affiliate marketing, blog website, and anything you want to get interacted with the audience.

The website load in time generates the interest in your business and the website page where you want to engage your audience. For better understanding, the website speed matters a lot because it will affect the conversion rate of your business site. This also plays a very vital role in the search engine optimization of the website.

If your website speed doesn't have a fast speed, people will choose to quit faster and affecting your conversion rate. Speeding up your website is a very fragile part. it is not an easy task to boost up. This tool will help you to fast your website otherwise Google will be ranked down your website if you don’t.

In simple words, if your website has a faster load speed then a lower bounce rate. The fast loading speed will help you to rank high on the google search engine over the slow speed site. That will help you to achieve a high bounce rate.

Fortunately, our tool will help you with the best instructions on getting your score to 100%.

What Exactly is a Google Pagespeed Checker Tool?

This tool will help you to let you know about your website speed. So that you can improve your speed to secure the best position in search engine results. Also, help you to get awareness about the website there will be chances to rank high or not. Pagespeed insight checker is the most important tool for every business site owner to use. Specially help for those businesses who want to do paid advertisements for their businesses. They are more likely to use this tool before starting the paid advertisement to get an insight into their website's speed.

As you get familiar you will get a higher chance to increase your conversion rate positively. As you have the higher speed you have the highest chance to show your website on the Google first page and your paid ads will secure the top absolute position.

The free online website speed monitor presents the result as a percentage out of 100. If your website has a 40% to 60% loading speed secure that means your website is in a bad phase. On the other side, your website has a score between the 80% to 100% so which means you have the best positioning rate on google. This is impossible to secure a 100% score. That's why our tool considers the best score in this given slot 80% to 100%.

How to use Free Website Speed Checker?

Firstly, you need to know about what is the exact issue that is the reason for the slow speed of your website and gives the necessary instruction to build up the 100% score.

Most reasons for slow websites are huge photos that take too much space and time to load but this is not for every website.

This is a very simple way to use our tool just by following a few steps. You simply need to enter the website URL in the given line and after that press the submit button. The processing will start soon and after a few seconds, the result will appear on the screen. The result page appears with the title and description, score, and suggestion that will clearly guide you on what you need to do next.

Are Pagespeed Insights Reliable?

Of course, the website speed insight checker is really grateful for business websites. Mostly website owners haven't familiar with that why they are losing their potential customers and getting a decrease in their conversion rate. The big fat reason behind this issue is the bad performance and low speed of the website. So the speed test by using the tool will help you out about the performance of the site.

If the website owner neglects this part and delays fixing the speed issue of the website, they have to face the downfall in their business. Simply understanding is if you have a low speed your website will not rank on the first page of google and also has very less chances to show your ad in the top positions.

If your website speed has a high bounce rate then we suggest you must use our Free Website speed insight checker. This will give you the proper instruction and highlight the points, where the issue exists so that you can improve it on time. Our tool will also help you to lower the bounce rate of your site page.