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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt Generator is the biggest SEO hack that you can use by following easy steps. It contains the institutions of hub that give the command on how to crawl websites. As we know running a business on the digital platform is not an easy job for everyone, for the online business, we require a healthy website. A healthy website requires an effective SEO. Business owners love to find ways to make their business life easier and faster. The Tiny robot.txt file is more important and helpful for your website's best ranking and the fun part is not many people are familiar with that as they need to get.

What is the Robots.txt Generator's Importance in SEO?

This will be helpful for sites to tell the search engine which part of the website needs to be indexed. On the contrary side, you can also decide which part of the site doesn't want to be crawled as if that may be under process and not ready to show on search engines.

The creation of this tool is done to work for search engines, and the search engine has a strong relationship with SEO and has also been discovered as the hidden source of SEO power.

The experts know numerous ways to improve SEO in effective ways that are no more difficult or time taking and the online robots.txt tester and generator is one of them.

You don't need to have the high skill to use the robots.txt generator. If you face difficulties to find out the source code for your website you can use this to find out without wasting your time.

The Robots.txt Generator's Directives Simple to Understand

There are the three most important points of this tool that you need to understand for generating the report/file manually or by using the tool. you will be able to edit the report after learning from these points.

Let's get started with the most important user-agent terms. We use this so that it will apply to all site robots. So here need to use an asterisk after the user-agent term, such as this:

User-agent: *

The next step is to type "Disallow:" no need to type anything after that. As there is nothing after this term it means web robots will not be restricted to crawling all website pages. But if you will use the slash (/) after "Disallow:" in this way Disallow: /. so it is the clear instruction that tells the robot.txt checker to not view any pages on the website.

As yet, your file result will look like this:



Yes, that's why it is called a super simple SEO hack but these two lines effectively do a lot.

Allowing directive simply allows the robots to index the given URLs. You have the opportunity to add many URLs, especially for eCommerce sites. Through this easily segregate the pages of your websites that you want to crawl on search engines or not.

How to Create the ROBOT File with ROBOTS.TXT GENERATOR?

When you decide to use this tool and you are on it then you will get engaged with the many options in the format of FORM, not all options are needed to select at once, you can choose the option what are you looking for, right?

The first option contains the default value for all robots and the other option is Crawl-delay (it means you want to set the time limit in second for the search engine before crawling the website) It works differently for different search engines.

After that, you need to come to the sitemap option, in which you need to add the domain name of your website and after that write the sitemap.xml. For Example never miss this.

By following these steps you need to come to the next point, there are 15 search engines options selected that you require to check for crawl or not.

The last option is Restricted Directories: with the help of you will restrict the crawlers from indexing a certain part of the page. This is necessary to add the forward slash before entering the instruction of the directory page. For Example, you can type this to restrict the page.